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Tekne is the culmination of our collective experiences in Commercial and Residential real estate. Each project, be it a home remodel or a commercial TI project, traditionally carries with it the need for multiple professionals to successfully complete the project. After experiencing first-hand the inevitable disconnects between brokers, entitlements consultants, architects, landlords, and contractors, we saw the need to bring together a team that could act as the single point of contact for all of our client's real estate needs.


We are fully licensed general contractors and real estate brokers. Whether you are remodeling your house or expanding your business, Tekne Development is here to manage the entire process from planning & design, through finance and construction.

•  Custom Kitchen and Bath Remodeling


•  Commercial Tenant Improvements


•  Design and Architecture


•  Real Estate Brokerage and Finance






Construction: Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Specialists, Room Additions




Brokerage (Leasing and Acquisition/Disposition)


Entitlements Consulting





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"If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you." -Steve Jobs

Jeff Thorp


For as long as I can remember, I have loved to see new buildings come out of the ground.  At my request, I got to spend time with my father on construction sites and would watch with amazement as the structure came together piece by piece. At the age of 15, I was formally introduced to the world of commercial real estate and there was no turning back.  Working summers underwriting projects for finance, I quickly came to love the business and expanded my knowledge into all facets of commercial real estate development, finance, and construction.

After attending college at the University of California at Santa Barbara, I decided to leave finance and entered the development world during an unprecedented rise in the economy and real estate market.  During my tenure, I secured hundreds of millions of dollars in financing through his contacts in the finance world, completed numerous high-profile retail developments across California and Arizona, and in 2009, like many others in my generation, I successfully worked my way out of a job.  What was my one take-away from that amazing company?  Build extraordinary relationships with those around you on a foundation of trust; if you watch the scoreboard, you will miss the point of everything you are looking to achieve. 


The economy on its butt and commercial real estate finance dollars all but unavailable, I went to work for a real estate auction company to help them start their commercial real estate sales platform.  It was an interesting stop in my career that taught me more than I ever thought I wanted to know about real estate acquisition and disposition in an auction format.  For 3 years, I worked with some of the Nation's largest institutional owners of real estate and saw firsthand how gaps in the development process between brokers, consultants, finance brokers, and contractors lead to the demise of projects that would have otherwise been successful.  So many places where communication between the parties would have salvaged the transaction and led everyone involved to greater success. 


Now with over 20 years of experience in the business, I have personally experienced many of the obstacles that present themselves to an owner at all stages in the development process. We created Tekne Development based on our collective experiences in the industry and it is our answer to the litany of problems that plague residential and commercial real estate owners alike.  

“The bitterness of poor quality lingers
long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” - Benjamin Franklin

James Falcone


I have always had a passion for taking things apart & putting things back together, better than they were before. As a little boy I would take bikes, lawn mowers, and anything else I could get my hands on and take them apart. Later my dad would come in a bit upset with me for not leaving well enough alone. I do not care for well enough so I would make it better. I always have had an eye for perfection knowing that nothing can be perfect but we sure can try to do our best.



In middle school and high school I took every vocational class that I could. I love working with my hands and building things. After high school I entered the job market in 1987 as a roofer, a sheet metal fabricator, and finally as a carpenter. I worked on large production framing projects such as private homes, tract homes, commercial building, and banks. From here I learned the ropes of the trade. In 1991 I became a union lather/carpenter. I graduated from a 3 year apprenticeship program in 1994. I was made a job foreman about 8 months prior to become a vested journeyman which is very rare. I was running large commercial & industrial projects such as the El Segundo Water Treatment Plant, Northridge CSUN, and various other projects. I always had great mentors from which I learned as much as I could.


In 1996 I took a project management coarse at CMI and graduated top of my class with the 2nd highest finals test score in school history. With that I continued in the trades.


In 1997 my other passion of music took over my life and my band that I was in got signed to a record deal with Elektra Records so I became a bit of a rock star for the next 4 years. After music had run its course I discovered that I just wanted to be home with my family & friends so I retired from music. In 2001 I got a job with a great finish carpenter that mentored me in the trade.


Finally in 2003, I decided to get my own general contracting license and started James Falcone Construction. The rest is a work in progress. I believe in giving clients a high quality finished project that will withstand the test of time. The culmination of this has now grown into Tekne Development Inc. With my outstanding partner Jeff Thorp we can help with any idea and bring it to a well functioning reality. Be it a bath room or kitchen remodel or a 10,000 SF retail/commercial tenant improvement project. We can make dreams happen.

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